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Hanukah has officially begun, and we want to make sure you know exactly which Tzafona wine to pair with your delicious traditional treats!

Potato Latkes:

Let’s be real, we LOVE latkes because they are smothered in oil and deep fried (and usually served with sour cream or apple sauce…YUM). We recommend grabbing a bottle of our Cabernet Sauvignon, which will balance the richness of the latkes.


As you probably know, many briskets are cooked using wine. It’s always a good idea to cook the brisket in the same wine you plan on drinking. In this case, we definitely suggest cooking with, (and of course drinking) our Unoaked Chardonnay.


We wait all year for Hanukah, so we can FINALLY eat the most delicious donuts ever made. This traditional Hanukah dessert is fried, stuffed with chocolate or jam, and covered with powdered sugar. As if this doesn’t sound sweet enough, we’re about to make it even sweeter by pairing it with either our Red or White Ice Wine.

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It might be snowy outside, but we are convinced that Fall isn’t over quite yet! With the help of a cocktail (made with #Tzafona wine, of course) you can definitely feel like Winter ISN’T coming….. yet.  Here’s a list of a few Fall cocktails that combine Tzafona wine with the flavours and spices of Fall!


After you’ve chosen which wine to use as the base of your cocktail (Red wine would probably be the best), it’s time to add the popular Fall spices. Pumpkin Spice, cinnamon, apple, pomegranates or cranberries!

Spiced Red Wine!

Combine red wine, sugar, orange, grapefruit peels, and cinnamon sticks! Heat this mixture for 20 mins, without letting the wine come to a boil! Strain the wine to avoid any chunks in your glass, and let it cool before serving!

White Wine Apple Spritzer

Combine white wine with some apple pine liqueur and lime juice and a little bit of club soda.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Whisk chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon together. Add milk, and bring to a summer while whisking occasionally until smooth. Remove from the heat and add red wine!

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If you haven’t already heard (we kinda hope you did!), Tzafona just launched the world’s first kosher RED ICE WINE! Although it’s not available in stores yet, you have the opportunity to taste it during any of our scheduled wine tours, and we must admit (no bias here…), it’s AWESOME! In honour of this special occasion, we’ve put together a list of the PERFECT food pairings for Ice Wine (which you can certainly test with our WHITE ice wine)!


Cheese is a pretty common snack to pair with ice wine. Make sure to select a cheese with a strong flavour because the sweetness of ice wine tends to overpower milder cheeses. Strong cheeses that are perfect accompaniments include Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, and Aged Cheddar!

Spicy Food:

The spicier the food, the better! A glass of chilled, sweet, ice wine alongside a spicy meal tastes delicious, cools the spice and creates a perfect flavour balance!

Rich Foods

Did you know that Ice Wine pairs well with rich foods, such as fried foods? Although the wine is sweet, its’ acidity cuts the richness of the food, and also acts as a palette cleanser, thus, pairing well!


The pairing we all dream about! Chocolate, cake, sweets, paired with tasty ice wine… what could be better? Our #Tzafona White ice wine is vidal, meaning it pairs well with many fruity desserts including banana, peach or pineapple based desserts!

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Well, it’s officially summer, which means we’re in a #WINE mindset! Grab your white Tzafona wine, and try making any of these delicious white wine cocktails that are perfect for your summer nights!


1)    White Berry Sangria

This is a light, refreshing and delicious drink that definitely screams SUMMER! Check out the recipe at Tasty Trials

2)     White Wine Spritzer

This is a Martha Stewart classic and a must try this summer! Plus, if it weren’t appealing enough, the fresh melon balls on top, make it extra special! Try the recipe at Martha Stewart

3)    Wine Slushy

Looking for a sweet drink? Try this delicious, easy to make, White Wine and Peach slushy for the perfect summer treat! It’s dessert in a glass! Check out the recipe at SappyGourmet

4)    Pomegranate Spritzer

These might be out of style, but we’re on a mission to bring them back! This drink is filled with fruit, sparking water, and of course, WINE! Check out the recipe from Nutmeg Nanny

5)    Moscato Slush

This could possibly be the most perfect summer drink we’ve ever seen. The combination of wine and watermelon make for a light and refreshing drink that you’ll definitely want to try! Recipe at Will Cook For Smiles

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