Enjoy these Fall/Winter Cocktails

It might be snowy outside, but we are convinced that Fall isn’t over quite yet! With the help of a cocktail (made with #Tzafona wine, of course) you can definitely feel like Winter ISN’T coming….. yet.  Here’s a list of a few Fall cocktails that combine Tzafona wine with the flavours and spices of Fall!


After you’ve chosen which wine to use as the base of your cocktail (Red wine would probably be the best), it’s time to add the popular Fall spices. Pumpkin Spice, cinnamon, apple, pomegranates or cranberries!

Spiced Red Wine!

Combine red wine, sugar, orange, grapefruit peels, and cinnamon sticks! Heat this mixture for 20 mins, without letting the wine come to a boil! Strain the wine to avoid any chunks in your glass, and let it cool before serving!

White Wine Apple Spritzer

Combine white wine with some apple pine liqueur and lime juice and a little bit of club soda.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Whisk chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon together. Add milk, and bring to a summer while whisking occasionally until smooth. Remove from the heat and add red wine!

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