Perfect Ice Wine Pairings!

If you haven’t already heard (we kinda hope you did!), Tzafona just launched the world’s first kosher RED ICE WINE! Although it’s not available in stores yet, you have the opportunity to taste it during any of our scheduled wine tours, and we must admit (no bias here…), it’s AWESOME! In honour of this special occasion, we’ve put together a list of the PERFECT food pairings for Ice Wine (which you can certainly test with our WHITE ice wine)!


Cheese is a pretty common snack to pair with ice wine. Make sure to select a cheese with a strong flavour because the sweetness of ice wine tends to overpower milder cheeses. Strong cheeses that are perfect accompaniments include Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, and Aged Cheddar!

Spicy Food:

The spicier the food, the better! A glass of chilled, sweet, ice wine alongside a spicy meal tastes delicious, cools the spice and creates a perfect flavour balance!

Rich Foods

Did you know that Ice Wine pairs well with rich foods, such as fried foods? Although the wine is sweet, its’ acidity cuts the richness of the food, and also acts as a palette cleanser, thus, pairing well!


The pairing we all dream about! Chocolate, cake, sweets, paired with tasty ice wine… what could be better? Our #Tzafona White ice wine is vidal, meaning it pairs well with many fruity desserts including banana, peach or pineapple based desserts!

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